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Affordable Words Writing for SuccessI recently saw an exceptional video by Paul Evans, a motivational speaker whom I had the chance to see in person back in August.  During this video, Paul talked about how we – as someone providing a product/service – should challenge what others are saying.  

This is similar to what he said (and based upon the notes I took):

  • Stand up and go to bat for your market (“market” being the folks to whom you are offering your product/service).
  • Create a product that is better than the products that people are buying that are misleading them.
  • Too many products make promises on which they don’t deliver – and the purchasers doesn’t get the results they want and/or expect.  They (being YOU) end up wasting their money by believing what is really a “fake promise.”  RISK YOUR REPUTATION on what you offering.  

Many people are coming to the same conclusion that I am:  they (we) are tired of getting a product (either at no cost or with an investment) that includes a no-risk guarantee like this:

You can try out this product for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with the design, functionality, etc., you can get a refund immediately.

Notice how this does not say, “get the results I got” or “get the results I’m promising.”  You get to spend – or really waste – 30 days trying to make this work and will more than likely discover that it doesn’t.  Sure: you can get your money back; however, you’re back at square one. 

I’m going to give you two examples that I recently received emails about (and if this people get their panties in a wad, too bad):

  •   I tried this product and while it’s pretty good, look at what you’re creating?  A page that doesn’t actually what you don’t want to do: promise someone results without sticking your neck out and saying, “I guarantee this.”
  •  Sure, you can find out why “95% of all Internet marketers are failing,” yet what good does that do you?  You’ll probably get all the details about what these folks are doing wrong and what they should have done different.  Great.  Now how do you make that happen?  Hope the stars, moon, and sun align perfectly? 

The above are two typical examples of what you’ll find on 99% of all sales web pages.   I don’t know about you, but this is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE for me.   So, what am I doing?  I’m following the advice Paul Evans gave above about staking my reputation on the line for my product. 

As someone who is going to be offering a product for sale (how I made a money selling on, I looked at my product sales page and said, “Am I willing to stake my reputation and offer a guarantee on this product?”.  The answer is YES.   With my product, I guarantee that if someone lists a single item for sale, even at $.01 cent, he/she will make money.  I know this because of my experience and expertise doing this (and I have the records to prove it).  

It’s my obligation, as a writer, to ensure my clients are living up to their promises as well.  If they don’t, then I won’t accept them as a client.  Now, I’m sure you asking…

  • …am I tossing money out the window?  YES!
  • …am I going to upset the writing community by challenging my peers to do this as well?  OF COURSE!
  • …am I willing to do this because I place more value on my clients success than I do on making money?  ABSOLUTELY!

At the end of most of my blog posts and/or product/service pages, you will see this phrase:

How can I help you be successful today?

If I cannot help you be successful in what you do, then I have no business accepting your business.


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