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Writing for Your Target Buyer

It seems that more and more I’m finding that those who come to me to help them with their writing needs have an idea in mind — but it really doesn’t fit their goals.  They say, “I want to do this,” yet – in reality, they really need to be doing something else.  

The number 1 reason I believe this problem exists is not knowing to whom you are selling.   When you send an email to someone, you send information specifically for that person.  You wouldn’t write a letter to your mom and write it as if it was for your boyfriend, would you?  Of course not.   Yet, when it comes to business, this whole concept seems to fly out the window.

Having a 30 -year background in the writing and training field, I was taught very young (age 18) to know my target audience.  (This is one reason why I’m able to write software user guides in my sleep.)    As a child, I was taunted by other kids since I was smart and just a little “chunky.”   Fat people cannot be smart, right?  As a result, I understood the concept of being understanding of other people’s feeling, situation, etc.   I’ve always been able to put myself in “their shoes,” and see things from their perspective.  I consider this to be a wonderful gift.

In my Six-Figure Secrets class, the first thing we do is determine who we want to ‘sell’ to.  Who is the person(s) that is going to want to buy your wares?  This question is the basis for everything else you do.  Without knowing this, you cannot determine what you’re going to offer, how you’re going to price it, nor how you will market it.  

Another factor you have to consider is two-fold:  is the buyer purchasing something that makes them money?  Here is the perfect example.   With Affordable Words, someone pays me money to provide them a service.   This service may/may not yield them a cash return.  It’s more of a “means to an end.”   On the flip side, my Amazon book allows someone to pay money to learn a method to make money.    This is a HUGE difference in a purchasing decision.

When you factor the last bit of information in when thinking about your target buyer, it should make it very clear.   My Affordable Words services have to be very focused.  I don’t target consumers per se, but rather businesses, solopreneurs, peers, etc.   I have to show them the ROI and that this is a long-term investment towards their success.    My Amazon book, however, is 100% focused on consumers – regardless of who they are and/or what they need.    So my approach is going to be to show them by spending $X dollars they will make their money back almost immediately.

One last thing:  I know the term is “target audience“; however, when I ask someone who their “targer BUYER” is, it seems much easier to overcome this hurdle and move the process forward faster.  

How can I help you be successful today with your TARGET BUYER?

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