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What is Your Elephant?

During a recent self-improvement class I took, an observation during an exercise revealed that I was not getting any satisfacton for my passion.  That analysis reminded me of a few things.

Can You Relate?

  • When you go into a restaurant, you don’t say, “I want some food.”  Instead, you say, “I’ll have a hamburger and fries.”  If you don’t specify what you want, your meal selection will be made by the person serving you.  Perhaps you end up with an omelet and black coffee – which is not what you really want. However, because you have not clearly state that your passion was for the hamburger and fries, you don’t get the satisfaction of enjoying the food you really wanted.

    Affordable Words
    The Menu of Business
  • A Feng Shui master I follow recently shared details about her move.  She stated that her house had not sold – which is pretty remarkable when you know that if anyone’s house should sell, it would be that of a Feng Shui master.  She and her husband were undecided on two locations for their new home.  It was her realization that she needed to know where she wanted to go before she could leave.  Once she made the decision to move to a specific town, her house sold.

  • When I started my business – Affordable Words, Inc. in 1999 – it was all I knew.  There were no big decisions I had to contemplate. Not an endless supply of eBooks and teleclasses and webinars and seminars to attend.  In fact, without all this conglomeration of input, I quite easily made the decision to quit my full-time job to start my company.  Talk about passion!  I successfully ran Affordable Words until 2004 – then everything came to a standstill.  I ended up selling our home, moving across the country for 6 months, coming back to Georgia, finding a new home, suffering one illness after the other, and the list goes on and on.  At this point in time, my passion began to fade.  As a result, I was getting no satisfaction from anything in my life.

Where Did You Come From?

My life had become the same as that unclear order at a restaurant, or a house move with no destination.  I didn’t know where I was going, so I kept wandering down a path to – well – nowhere.

Affordable Words - A Personal Passion for Business Satisfaction
Ventura, California

I grew up in Southern California where the mountains meet the sea.  (Yes: it really does look like this.)  The feelings I have for this time of my life are priceless.  Life’s focus was so clear and refined, and the world offered nothing but majesty and beauty. Where did that go?

As a business owner, at what point did I get caught up in so much “stuff” that the passion with which I pursued my dream is now not yielding the satisfaction I want or need?

The Elephants

For me (as it is for many, I presume) my business had become a circus act.  Finding a passion to focus on was equivalent to juggling all these balls in the air and hoping none of them dropped.  When one did, I had to pick up another ball and start over again.  Thus, the circus act continued.

Riddles Elephant Sanctuary
Tara and Bella

I call this a circus act because that’s what it feels like.  There are so many things going on that it’s hard to focus on just one.   The solution is to go to the circus knowing which act you want to see most.  For my husband, it would be the elephants.

Elephants are his whole world.  He surrounds himself with them.  He thinks about them.  He loves them so much that we are willing to spend money for both of us to go to an Elephant Sanctuary for a weekend just to interact with these animals.  I can only imagine what a magical experience that will bring…being one-on-one with elephants.  His (our) passion for the elephant delivers tremendous satisfaction.

Finding the Road

I am now focusing my passion on one item: this writing business.  As part of this passion, I am returning to how it grew when I first started out.   This includes seeking out opportunies via the web, working to get attention to my business via the search engines, and helping others to turn their personal passion into business satisfaction. No more buying this telseminar, watching that webinar, buying this eBook, etc.   I didn’t have those before…and I don’t need them now.   Follow my intuition and instinct – as the elephant does – is all I need.

If you are not getting the results you seek, return to the passion that started it all.  Then look at where you are now. How far have you deviated off the path?  What happened to the big elephant in the room that was your whole focus?  Mine is writing…today, tomorrow, and always.

How can I help you be successful today?

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