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The Only Two Advisor’s a Solopreneur Needs

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Shiny Ring Syndrome

You’ve heard the phrase, “grabbing at everything that moves,” right?  It’s sometimes also called “shiny ring” syndrome.   For those having this business condition, it translates into a lot of time, energy and money being spent on things that aren’t really necessary (e.g., paid teleseminars/webinars, non-relative memberships, etc.).

I’ve been running my business since 1999 and I’ve been there, done that, and have the empty bank account to prove it.  Like you, I’ve run after everything I can – hoping, wishing, praying that it was the easy solution to business success.   In reality, nothing comes without a price (even winning the lottery, believe it or not).

When looking at what I really needed, I realized there were only two people:  someone to help me find and fulfill my passion, and someone to help me implement the plan.

Advisor #1 – Spiritual

Affordable Words - AdvisorsYou may think I’m talking about a religious advisor – but I’m not.   As a solopreneur, you need the advice and guidance from someone other than yourself.  This is to avoid the cannot see the forest for the trees situation.  This person is helping you bring your spirit – or passion – to the forefront, while keeping you focused and moving forward.  Your spiritual advisor helps you define the path, move down the path avoid any detours encountered.

Advisor #2 – Technical

Affordable Words - Virtual Assistance Technical SupportWhen you know where you want to go, you need someone to build the road to get to that destination.  This is your technical advisor.  This expert manages all aspects of the technical world for your business: domain names, blog, web sites, newsletters, reports, videos, audios, etc.  The goal is to have ONE PERSON who does all this for you.  Having multiple providers – each doing one or two things – requires an investment of your time to manage what each of these people are doing.   Plus, it costs you more money than you have and/or want to spend.  Your technical advisor lays out the roadmap for navigating the off ramps and on ramps required to reach your destination.

Only Two?

Some people will scoff at why I only recommend two people.  Those people are the ones who really aren’t able (or aren’t willing) to firmly plant their feet in the ground and say, “this is what I want to do and this is how I’m going to get it done”.   99% of the time, this is because they are overwhelmed with input…but more about that in another posting.

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