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The Ideal Virtual Assistant

  • Have you come to the decision that you need help?
  • Are you unsure about what you need to know to get this help?
  • Would you like someone to take out all the guesswork and help you make the “write” decision?

Affordable Words - Writing Services - Virtual AssistanceLet me get straight to the point.  To choose a virtual assistant who is SAFE to hire, be sure you have investigated these four components.

Skills |   Availability |   Flexibility |   Expense

Start out by writing an affirmative statement that describes the outcome you seek. For example: “I am in the process of finding an assistant who has advanced skills in planning and writing, who’s available on weekends with flexibility to work some nights, and will accept payment by the project and based upon my budget.” This solidifies the need in your mind as sets your search intention.

Creating Your Virtual Assistant Help Wanted Description

The next step is to write up a detailed description that you will use during your search. This is what you will post on web sites and/or give to prospective assistants. It should answer all these questions.

  • WHO are you? Explain a little about your business and you personally.
  • WHAT do you need? A basic list of what you need help with.
  • WHEN this will happen? Indicate when the position starts (e.g., next week, month, etc.).
  • WHERE will the assistant work.? If this has to be someone local, you must specific this. However, you’re probably going to work with someone virtually – so state that here.
  • HOW will the process flow? Describe what equipment this person needs, how you will communicate back and forth (Instant Messenger of some type, phone, email), etc.
  • WHY are you seeking help? The statement here should be representative of the goals you’re trying to achieve – e.g., having more time to work on a book deal, looking for an assistant to assume a bigger role for the long-term, etc.

With your description in hand, determine how you’re going to market this position. Use any form of social media or online free posting sites that are safe. Be sure to put it on your web page. Post it anywhere you think your ideal assistant might look.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you post on something that’s in the mainstream, be sure to not disclose your email address. Create a web-based email account just for this task and direct people to that email.

Reviewing Virtual Assistant Submissions

As your search gets underway, and you begin receiving submissions, go with your gut instinct and first impression. You know the saying, “if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a duck”? That applies here. If this person – in writing – doesn’t immediately click, delete the email. Set some criteria for reviewing. For example, if you’re looking for a writer, is the email/resume riddled with spelling and grammatical errors? If you’re looking for someone to create items that have some physical aspects (formatting, graphics, etc.), indicate you want samples up front. There are far more people than jobs out there: this means you have the freedom to search as long as necessary and will have a wide array of choices.

The one strange thing you might encounter is people begging for a job. While the person is well intentioned and may have the skills, realize this person’s focus is MONEY. What does that mean? Either he/she will ask for a retainer (don’t pay a retainer – ever) or will rush through a project to get paid. This just screams trouble.

Keep reviewing the information that comes in, nixing the ones that are a definitive “no,” and categorizing the rest (i.e., yes, maybe, possibly, etc.).

Watch for more information on this topic in an upcoming post.

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