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Show Me the Money?

Affordable Words - Show me the Money
Show me the Money

When starting a business, one of the first things you generally need is money.  It might be $10 for a domain name, or $15 for a domain name plus hosting.   No matter how big or small, your business needs money to get up and running.

An online business is a little different.  There are certain aspects of a traditional brick and mortar business that remain in place.  Likewise, there are new aspects that come into play because of technology.  aspect, but you now have a technology aspect thrown in.  So, what do these two have in common: THEY BOTH REQUIRE MONEY!

Starting Out

When I first started, I had very little money.  However, the faster and larger my business grew, the more money I needed.  First it was software.  I had to make sure I had legal versions of everything I owned.  (This is a requirement – and an ethical and moral obligation –  when you’re a corporation.)   Then there was the advertising (which, at one point, was over $1,000 a month).   Of course, the list goes on.

What frightens me today is that want-to-be online solopreneurs have no idea what they really need to get going.  Unfortunately, I’m only one person and I cannot reach every person out there and say “stop” before they spend a dime.   Since I cannot do that, I opted to take another approach: show others how to make money to invest in their business without having to spend money.

Options for Making Money

I have always considered myself the ultimate consumer when it comes to a bargain.  Now, more than ever, that is especially true.  Yet, since 2004, the one way in which I make extra money has not changed:  selling on   In fact, the process I use works so well that I even wrote a book about it.

  • I priced the book so that anyone can afford it.  In fact, with 1 or 2 sales, the buyer can typically get his/her money back.
  • I guarantee that if someone does not make money following my process, I will give them my own money.  That’s how much I believe in this process.
  • I offer a free eBook on ways to save money just for signing up to receive my newsletter with even more money saving/making ideas.
  • The ebook can be downloaded for the buyer can start right away making money.
  • I am formatting the eBook so that it can be read by a Kindle an selling it on  (Ironic, huh?)
  • I have 4 more books in the funnel that contain even more ways to make more money, along with another free eBook.

Where are the Buyers?

Affordable Words - Amazon Seller SecretsAs others began asking me about how to find money for their business, I told them what I on   99.9% of the time, this person said, “when you’re book is ready, I want to buy it”.  How many sales do I have right now?  ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. NONE.  (It takes a lot of guts to admit that.)  What happened to all these people who were so interested?  Did they win the lottery?  Are they now living a life of luxury paid for by a relative?   Did they land one customer on a fluke that is yielding them a boat load of revenue?  But here’s the question:   How is it possible that someone does not want to know how to MAKE MONEY WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY? It just blows the mind.

In the past week alone, I have made close to $100 using my process.
As I was writing this post, I made another $10.

Is it Just Me?

Every day I sit in bewilderment as to why this eBook is not selling (let alone why people aren’t signing up for the *F*R*E*E* eBook).  I’ve had several people read all the books in the series (editors/proofreaders) and each has the same response: it’s great and he/she wants to start using the process right now.  

  • Affordable Words - Amazon Seller SecretsI’m pretty sure it’s not the book quality (considering I’ve written instructional material since I was 18).
  • I’m pretty sure it’s not the web page (because it’s geared for someone who has a 5th grade or higher reading level – as the eBooks do).
  • I’m pretty sure it’s not the lack of promotion because I’ve had over 1,000 people visit the web site in a few weeks.
  • I’m pretty sure that I no longer really give a sh*t if it sells or not!

As a friend of mine, Jeff Herring, says, “GO USE THIS STUFF” (or “GUTS” as it’s known).   So, what’s the problem people?

How can I help you be successful today?

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