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The Reasons Why Email Messages Get Deleted

Affordable Words - Reasons for Rejected Email Messages
Email Overload

When I create anything for a client that is going to be sent via email, I spend a good deal of time testing.  In fact, I think about 30-40% of my time is all testing.  So many service providers fail to understand the importance of this step.  Yet, when it doesn’t work, it can negatively affect their image which, in turn, impacts their sales.

The Greeting

There’s nothing more off putting than to receive an email that either (a) has another person’s name, and/or (b) only shows the code where the name should be (e.g., {firstname}).  To me, this shows a complete lack of regard for the recipient.  If you value your email recipients, make sure you acknowledge them properly.

Content Errors

Well, there is just no excuse for this.  There are 500 ways to spell and grammar check a document – either using technology (such as the spell checker in MS Word) or a live human being.  At least 60% of the time, I find errors in an email message.  Granted, I’m a writer (and, yes, I have done this myself) and I may look at this more closely than the average person may – but that shouldn’t matter.   Again, this shows the recipient that you don’t value him/her because you don’t take the time to have your emails checked.  If you value your email recipients, respect their intelligence and send them the same quality content you would expect.

Excessive Upselling

Affordable Words - Excessive Upselling
Up, Up, Up

I understand that people want to make money, but have you ever tried just sending someone the information they want and not trying to sell them your whole service/product line?  People aren’t stupid.  They know that if they accept one thing from you, the cycle of emails will begin.  There’s no need to shove everything you offer in their face.  In fact, the fear of this happening is one of the most common reasons why so many people immediately opt-out as soon as they receive their “free” item (e.g., eBook, special report, etc.).  If you value your email recipients, give them the opportunity to make their own decisions about working with you and/or buying your product.

Over Communication

In this case, “more is not better.” The more emails you send to someone, the more likely they are to delete them and unsubscribe.  People don’t have time to continually hear from you.  In fact, if they want to hear from you that often, they can simply visit your blog!  If you value your email recipients, keep your email messages to no more than once a week unless you have something special to say.

Broken Processes

Affordable Words - Broken Processes
Broken Link

If you ignore everything else on this page, don’t ignore this.  For every 5 items I sign up to receive, at least 3 of them have broken processes such as these:

  1. No page displays after you enter your information.
  2. No email is received to confirm your registration and/or ask for email verification
  3. The promised items are not attached and/or no link is provided to download them
  4. There are no clear instructions about what to expect about the process

By far, #2 is the biggest problem.  I have sign up for free reports, etc. where is says to “look for an email confirmation,” and nothing arrives.   If it happens to arrive too far beyond the date when I requested the information, I just delete it and unsubscribe.   If you value your email recipients, test your process from end to end to make sure it works.

Inconsistent Formatting

I know I harp on this subject non-stop, but having the same “look and feel” throughout the entire email chain is VITAL!  We all get so many email messages that we can forget what we requested and from whom.  The only element that brings them all together is formatting.  Make sure you use the same font(s), same colors, etc.  Also, don’t switch between HTML and text formatting.  If you start in HTML, do all of it in HTML and vice versa.  If you value your email recipients, enable them to follow your breadcrumb trail.

Your Challenge

I would like to challenge you with this task: the next time you see one of these occur in someone’s email to you, send a polite note about describing what you received.  I have done this many a time and the result was several great relationships.  Showing your desire to help others be successful is a win-win for everyone!

How can I help you be successful today?

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