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Using Your Dollars Wisely on Education

Affordable Words - Writing Services - Using Your Dollars Wisely on EducationI love to attend seminars.  I view them not only as an educational opportunity, but also a chance to get away from the world and be with others. 

While most of the seminars I attend (and it makes no difference if they are 1 day or 5 days, there are always certain things I look for to make it worthwhile for me, and the best use of my money.

  1. Does the seminar offer a variety of choices?  I have been to a few seminars where it was the same people saying the same things across the months/years.   Sure: they may tweak what they say a bit – and  update it for what’s new – but it’s still the same thing.  When this is not worth my dollars is when there are no other classes during the same time period that I can take.  This because lost money in my book. Continued…