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Helpful Naming of PDF and Zip Files

Affordable Words - Writing Services - Naming PDF and ZIP FilesWhen you download and save a LOT of information, it’s important to know what the information is about at quick glance.  Obviously, the people who name some of their PDF or ZIP files have no clue.

I have to assume that the reason(s) they don’t name their files to achieve this is goal is because…

  • They aren’t sure how to name the file when generating a PDF or creating the ZIP; and/or
  • They aren’t paying attention and just accept the default given.

In addition, not putting your name is a mistake as well.  I would say that 99% of the files I get do not have a name in the title.  If there were a name in the title, I could at least sort my array of files by creator.  This is helpful to me since I have a tendency to follow a few people regularly and would like to keep all their files together.  Yes I know: why don’t I just make a folder for them on my computer and save the file into that folder.  Sure: I can do that – but what about those “miscellaneous” files that I really don’t associate with someone?   Again, with a name on them I would be able to identify them easier.

Here is what I think needs to happen:

  • First, the title of the ebook, article, etc. should be the same as the file name. I have an article that I made into a PDF file.  The name of the Word .docx file is, “Decluttering-for-Dollars-5-Ways-Turn-Into-Clutter-Cash.docx.”  I have used a hyphen (-) to separate the words so it reads like a sentence (since when I save the Word file, it saves it with spaces.)  Now when I create the PDF file, it automatically names it the same as the MS Word .doc file.
  • Next, the name should be unique. Adding your name or web site name will do that.  However, if you use something generic such as, “List Building for Bloggers,” that could mean anything and be from anyone.  I would bet I have 10 files that all have some version of that name – all from different people.
  • Finally, the title should really say something about the contents. Using my example above, it’s pretty clear what my Decluttering for Dollars book is about.  It also uses the marketing tricks that make someone want to read it such as “5 Ways …” or “…Cash” (which is a big draw).  I am going to be far more inclined to read something like this than something that is named, “Clutter Money” or something along those lines.

If you’re someone who produces eBooks, eGuides, etc. in PDF or ZIP form, learn how to name your files both from a technical and easily identifiable standpoint.  You’re sure to get a lot more “I have to read this” and a lot less “Toss this into the recycle bin” action!