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Feng Shui and Business

Affordable Words - Feng Shui and BusinessI’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “Oh, I’ve heard about this Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”) and I think it’s a bunch of cr*p”.  If you believe that, then just move on and don’t read this.  However, for those of you who do want to know more, then read on.

I have been using Feng Shui since 1992 – before it was “the thing.”  I found a single-page article in a woman’s magazine and initially thought it would be a compliment to my decorating.  I had no idea, however, it would be so much more than that.  Here, almost 20 years later, I still use Feng Shui and I continue to grow my knowledge – and my business.  

Feng Shui and Focus

What does this have to do with your business?  These are the highlights and the areas that can bring you great success.

  • Talk less, write more.    2011 is the year to be quiet.   If you have a message to share, put it in writing – as articles, marketing materials, press releases, whatever. 
  • Only two.  One of my favorite lines is from a Bill Cosby skit in the 70’s about Noah and Ark.  As the animals are coming onto the ark, Noah has to keep saying, “Only two. Only two.”  (Had something to do with the rabbits!)  This is true for you: keep away from 3-person partnerships.  The symbol of the triangle (3) can only cause problems.  Stick to working 1-on-1 with someone.
  • Women Entrepreneurs.  This is great year for you – especially if you’re a writer, speaker, in public relations, etc. 
  • Get it in Writing.  If you are happy with a smile and a hand shake, DON’T DO IT!  Legal contracts are a must do this year to avoid legal disputes.  Be sure to read the fine print on everything, and don’t worry about offending someone.  (If a client doesn’t want to do business with you without a contract, move on.)
  • Go International.   Extend your reach beyond where you are.  International associations – especially with women – will be prosperous. 
  • Woman in Sales.   If you’re into affiliate marketing, stick with products/services by woman.  They can lead you down a fruitful path.
  • Future Thinking.  If you’re not typically a think-ahead type of person, become that now.  Focus on developing a strategic 1-10 year plan – then begin implementing it.  In this plan, be sure to have multiple streams of income.
  • Creative.  If you’re someone who does something creative  using your hands (writing, for example), focus on that.  In fact, if you have a book you have always wanted to publish, now is the time.

As you can see, Feng Shui isn’t only about colors and candles and objects.  You can use it to make your business a success in a variety of areas. 

How can I help you be successful today?


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