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Do You Need Money to Start or Grow Your Business?

Affordable Words - Do You Need Money for Your Business

One of the most recent trends I’ve been following  is how solopreneurs have little to no money.  There are a  handful of things they are able to acquire just starting out – e.g., domain name, hosting, etc.  However, to really grow their business – especially those in the niche affiliate marketing business – they need support from writers, bloggers, marketers, etc.   But, guess what?  They have ZERO dollars allocated and/or available for this aspect of their business.

Solopreneur Expenses

When I’m asked how I pay for all my expenses, people don’t believe what I tell them: I sell on  I’ve been doing this since 2004 using only what I have around my house.  Typically I sell books on a regular basis but I have also sold a Casio musical keyboard (that was sitting in a closet for 3 years), CD/DVD self-help packages (one of which I had for 10 years), a laptop less than a year old, and the list goes on. 

Affordable Words - Do Not Sell on Ebay
eBay is BAD!

When people think of selling what they have, eBay is the first thing that comes to mind.  However, that defeats the purpose if you’re trying to BRING MONEY IN.  Why? 

  • eBay charges you a fee to list and relist your item.  Amazon charges nothing.
  • eBay throws your item into a grouping with other items.  Amazon lists your item right along their item.
  • eBay puts everything on the seller to handle such a shipping, payments, etc. Amazon handles the payment for you, gives you shipping credit, and even lets you print the shipping lable.   All you have to do is list the time for sale and when it is sold, wrap it up and ship it.

Everyone I know (including you) has books, CBs, and DVDs around their house – either those in near perfect condition or slightly used.  YOU CAN SELL THESE ON AMAZON (along with almost anything else they sell).

Funding Your Online Business

As a solopreneur looking to fund your online business, this is an ideal way to make money to help get the work done that you need.  For example, hire that coach, get those articles written for you blog, find someone to post for you on social media sites, etc.  This past 4 days alone, I made just over $100.  This money will pay for some search engine placement, placement that will give me tons of links back to this web site (and for far less than $100). 

Amazon Seller Secrets

On, I am currently selling just the Getting Started guide.  This is the first of 3 books in the set (with a 4th on the way).   If you are reading this posting and are interested in having the whole set, you can purchase it at the discount price of $47.  Just contact me and mention this posting for more information.

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