Document Design

How can I help you be successful today?

Too often, I see material that break all the rules when it comes to good document design.  It can be the overuse of fonts, non-complimentary colors, poor formatting, unhelpful navigation, or graphics galore.

My speciality is streamlining the way your current information appears, regardless of what the content looks like now, what program it’s in, or what outcome you want.  My expertise gives me the ability to quickly and easily turn your “stuff” into something that conveys the image you, your company, and/or your product require!

Reformatting existing documentation is one of my specialties.  You’ll be amazed at how I can turn anything…and I mean anything…into exactly what you want (if not better than what you expected)!  Go ahead and ask me to show you what my “magic wand” can do!


  • $25 to create the style sheet using two compliments fonts and colors that match your logo, graphics, etc.
  • $10 to create the cover
  • $1 per image, 1 image per page (complimentary to your overall branding)
  • Includes Table of Contents and/or Index for documents over 50 pages
  • $1 per page to proofread content
  • $5 per page to edit content