Books – especially eBooks – are one of the best ways to get your message to the masses.  They can be long, short, funny, or serious.  You can give them away free or change a few dollars for them.


I can provide original content – either based upon an outline you provide, or from scratch doing the research, etc.  If you’re on a limited budget, I typically suggest that you provide a detailed outline to minimize the time it takes for you to receive the finished product.

If you plan to give an eBook away free (perhaps as part of a list building campaign), you’re better to stick with under 10 pages.  If you find that you’re really pushing beyond this, it may be that you’re providing more information than is needed, and forgetting the goal: to get the reader to want your services.


  • Any topic (except Rocket Science and a few others)
  • $0.10 cents per word ($25 minimum)
  • $1 per image (1 relevant image per page in appropriate format)
  • Standard legal copyright page included
  • Table of Contents for documents over 50 pages
  • Index for documents over 100 pages
  • $10 for original cover
  • $10 for original sales page at beginning/end of book
  • Includes editing and proofreading services (see below)
  • Files are returned to you are in MS Word and Acrobat PDF format

Note: If you want a few samples pages for your particular document, there is a flat fee of $15.


Most people are not writers (although there are those you ‘think’ they are).  However, you may have a great idea, have moved it onto paper, but that’s where it ends.  That’s ok.  Editing of eBooks is the most common request I get.  And let’s be clear about what editing is: it is more than proofreading.  Editing involves reading the entire document for content: how it flows, how it’s organized, how well it’s explained.  It requires a writer who’s a true editor.


  • $5 per page
  • $1 per image (typically 1 per page)
  • $10 for original cover
  • Includes proodreading services (see below)
  • Provided source file to me can be either MS Word or Acrobat PDF.
    • I can convert a PDF file into a Word document and retain about 95% of the formatting.
    • I do not question the copyright on the material.  (In other words, if you send me content that is not yours, this is your responsibility.)
    • If you want me to “flip” the content so that it does not violate copyright laws and it becomes original to you, that falls under the Editing services/pricing, above.
  • Final file is returned to you as MS Word and Acrobat PDF


This term began when the printing press was in existance.  Employees would read the ‘proof’ to make sure there were no mistakes.  That’s exactly what proofreading is today – almost.  When I proofread your document online (usually in MS Word), you will see the changes I’ve made and you can choose to accept/reject those changes.  I can even use a proofreading tool that is a little more advance then the Track Changes features provides. I can also proofread your material by hand, using traditional proofreader’s markings.  (This is a long, lost skill – let me tell you!)


  • $2 per page using MS Word Track Changes
  • $5 per page for manual changes with proofreader’s markings

If you have need for something not mentioned above, please contact me for a custom quote.

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