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One of the things I enjoy doing is blogging – both for myself and others.   I love finding interesting blogs to read (to enhance my own knowledge and skills) as well as fun blogs to participate in.

When I blog for others, I take on their persona somewhat.  I blog as if I were them – under their name, etc. – yet I am still me.  I use my language, my personality, my opinions, etc.    Honestly, this has never bothered anyone for whom I do this.  That’s probably because I am able to step into the role of salesperson for their product or service – as if it were my own.

Blogging Teams

I’m not entirely sure where this ability came from: I just seem to have always had it.  I consider it a tremendous blessing and one that has served me well.   Yet, I’ve recently found that people are using blogging teams to help their clients – a concept that really applies to the corporate world (because of their business volume, I’m assuming).  

These folks may blog on a client’s behalf, yet they must have a very high level of knowledge, language skills, etc., to ensure the level of professionalism that client needs.  I have seen people blog that I would never let near my stuff, while there are others I would hire in an instant to do it for me.

Blogging That’s Personal

When selecting a blogger/blogging team to help you with marketing your product/service, you need to be sure that he/she/they are able to gain a personal connection with what you do.  This includes your tone, your message format, the goals, and the nuances that make what you offer unique.  Without this personal touch, you risk losing that conversation factor though backlinks that you’re hoping to get through the blogs you post on.

When making a selection, ask someone to show you at least 10 blog posts on a variety of topics and sites so you can see the full spectrum of their capabilities.  Without knowing what they can offer, you risk getting stuck with a bad image and a poor ROI.

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